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Streamline Trace


Streamline Stable Distance Driver

The Streamline Trace is a stable distance driver.  The Trace has a manageable 21mm rim width and straight flight.  That places it squarely in the Speed 11 Power Straight market. The Trace’s moderate dome is smooth and even, with a shoulder and depth that yields excellent glide.  Most players will be able to stand the Trace up on a hyzerflip. However, the Trace will soak up plenty of power before being pushed off its straight line. Its ending fade is smooth but dependable for easy ranging.

Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 11
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 2

The Streamline Trace is available in Cosmic Neutron and Plasma Plastic

Neutron plastic is MVP’s flagship plastic. The blend offers a premium look and feel while giving the widest selection of bright opaque colors. Shares great durability with the Proton plastic.  The discs come in easy-to-find colors in any given terrain.

Cosmic Neutron plastic is the premium Neutron plastic with a Cosmic Swirl!  The discs come in a plethora of premium color enhanced bright color swirls.  However, this plastic shares its durability with Neutron and Proton plastic.  Excellent choice for custom stamping.

The Plasma plastic is an advanced disc golf polymer. Visually, it shines a metallic sheen on core plastic.  Moreover, Some molds feature “Color-shift” tones in select color options.  The feel features a semi-gummy and grippy flex polymer.  Furthermore, the discs have very high durability with this premium blend.

Weight8 oz
Dimensions22.5 × 22.5 × 2.5 cm

Bright Emerald, Citrus, Deep Emerald, Magma Burst, Navy Gold, Peach, Pink Lemonade, Reptilian, Stone Fruit


Cosmic Neutron, Plasma, Special Edition Plasma


167g, 168g, 169g, 172g, 173g, 174g, 175g


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