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Lone Star Disc Walker


Lone Star Disc Ridiculously Overstable Midrange

The Lone Star Disc Walker doesn’t care about what is in its way.  The Walker will get to its target.  Playing disc golf in gale force winds?  The Walker is your perfect weapon.  This disc is beyond overstable.  Therefore, trust it to do the same thing every time, fade hard! Advanced players will get the most use out of this disc as a fairly fast arm speed and high power is needed.  Beginners will be able to use this for utility shots, and head wind throws.  The Walker gets the job done.

Flight Numbers:

Speed: 5

Glide: 3

Turn: 0

Fade: 4

The Lone Star Disc Walker is available in Alpha, Bravo, Lima, and Glow plastic.

Alpha is LSD’s flagship plastic.  The discs are durable, smooth, and tough.

Bravo is LSD’s premium plastic.  Bravo shares the same qualities as Alpha but has more flex to it.   Additionally, these discs are more torque resistant than the alpha, meaning less unwanted turnovers.

Lima plastic is a premium, high quality blend. It has more flexibility than Bravo plastic and is softer than Alpha plastic.  Available in ultra-light weights

Glow has a similar feel to Bravo but it shines brightly when charged using a UV Blacklight. Like the Bravo, Glow discs are more torque resistant than the Alpha line.

Disc color and stamp may vary from pictured disc

Weight8 oz
Dimensions22.5 × 22.5 × 2.5 cm

Peach, Pink, Red


Bravo, Lima


150g, 153g, 168g


Lone Star Disc

Located deep in the heart of Texas, they started out as a family-owned company in the oilfield manufacturing business. During a downturn in the economy their disc golf playing sons came to the owner with an idea to make discs. They already used high performance material for their work in the oilfield, so they started with that, got together with their engineers and started making discs. At the same time COVID-19 hit and the disc golf market exploded. They make their own molds in house which gives them the ability to produce new models quickly. They are determined to help the sport grow in any way they can. They are thankful to all of the fan support. Plastics: Alpha – Smooth, beautiful, durable, firm, and tough. Alpha blend won't complain about punishing shots or elements. Bravo – Many shared characteristics as the Alpha blend, except Bravo offers more flexibility. Victor 1 – Grippy and flexible feel, preferred by many players. Ideal in wet conditions. Victor 2 – Same Grippy nature as Victor 1 but without the flexibility. Victor 2 is very firm. Glow - It Glows!!


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