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Latitude 64 Compass


Latitude 64 Stable Mid-Range Driver

The Latitude 64 Compass midrange driver will navigate the fairways! This straight flyer will go wherever you need it to go.  In fact, it holds any line in a predictable way.  The Compass is not shallow, not deep.  Additionally, this disc fits in any size hand. Hyzer, straight, anhyzer; the Compass is a disc you can trust on in every angle.

Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 1

The Latitude 64 Compass is available in Gold and Retro plastic

Retro – The mid 80s was a great time. Disc Golf had just come all the way up to Latitude 64 and we played all through the night in the midnight sun. However, translucent discs were far from being invented and all discs were understable with today’s standards. We remember those days with nostalgic feelings and wanted a plastic that would remind us of how it used to be. In fact, for a long time we have had requests that we should make discs that could be broken in more easily. Test after test after test led us to this new plastic blend that we have named Retro.

Gold Line is Latitude 64’s premium blend plastic. Opto Line mix is the start of the blend for this line.  However, they added a different polymer to give it better grip without losing the excellent durability of Opto Line.

Weight6.4 oz
Dimensions22 × 22 × 2 cm

Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow


Gold, Opto, Retro


160g, 161g, 162g, 163g, 164g, 165g, 166g, 167g, 168g, 169g, 170g, 171g, 172g, 173g, 174g, 175g, 176g, 177g, 178g, 179g


Latitude 64



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