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Latitude 64 Claymore


Latitude 64 Stable Midrange Driver

The best offense is a good defense so defend your score with the Latitude 64 Claymore.  The Claymore has a small dome and comfortable grip combined with a neutral flight that will suit most players. Straight, left or right, doesn’t matter. This disc can do it all.  Slower arm speed players will get great distance with the Claymore.  On the other hand, power throwers will be able to hyzer flip to flat with a long anhyzer fade.   This is a shot shaper’s dream.  It should have a place in any bag.

Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 1
The Latitude 64 Claymore comes in Opto, Opto Air, and Gold plastic

Opto Line is made out of some of the world’s most durable plastics. It comes in a variety of beautiful translucent colors. The Opto Line plastic has been developed to withstand severe punishment and extreme conditions better than other plastics.

Opto Air uses the same material as our durable Opto Line plastic. The modified runs achieve a stunning result of lighter weight discs that still has a layer of solid plastic at the tip and bottom of the rim. Henceforth, the solid plastic protects the alternated material mostly centered in the middle of the rim.  However, it spreads out slightly over the top of the discs to keep the weight distribution as close as possible to the Opto and Gold Line discs.

Gold Line is Latitude 64’s premium blend plastic. Opto Line mix is the start of the blend for this line.  However, they added a different polymer to give it better grip without losing the excellent durability of Opto Line.

Weight8 oz
Dimensions22.5 × 22.5 × 2.5 cm

Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


Gold, Opto


167g, 168g, 169g, 170g, 171g, 172g, 173g, 174g, 175g, 176g, 177g


Latitude 64


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