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Discraft Stalker


Discraft Stable Fairway Driver

Whether you’re throwing hard or soft, the Discraft Stalker is a straight flier that won’t turn over unless you want it to. The disc forgives small release errors.  Therefore, it produces a gentle finish with soft landings that won’t skip away from the target on impact.  For example, think of it like a Buzzz but with fairway driver distance.  The Discraft Stalker was the 2009 driver of the year!  Begin your hunt for chains with the Stalker.

Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 7
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 2

Discraft Stability Rating: 1.1

The Discraft Stalker is available in Z and ESP Plastic

The Z Line is Discraft’s max durability plastic.  It comes in an array of translucent color with simple yet effective stamps.  Above all, these discs will give the most consistent flight patterns over time.

The ESP line is Discraft’s Pro Caliber premium plastic and arguably one of the best plastics on the market. It has an excellent grip and high durability. Additionally, this disc comes with in amazing assortment of swirls and colorful rings.

Pro Review:

The stalker is a wonderful big brother to the buzz. It will hold any line you put it on. Great for those shots where you’re not sure if you can throw a mid that far but you know a driver is going to be way to much. –Tyler Grady, Team Discraft


Weight6.4 oz
Dimensions22.2 × 22.2 × 2 cm

Orange, Red, Swirly Green




175g – 176g



Persistent innovation, research, and development met with the highest quality standards and creative graphics has maintained Discraft as a strong leader across 2 major disc sports around the world since 1978. Discraft is a manufacturer of Disc Golf, Ultimate and Freestyle discs, which are produced to the highest quality.


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