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Discraft Challenger OS


Discraft Overstable Putt & Approach

The Discraft Challenger OS ain’t your grandpa’s putter!  Like the original, the Challenger OS is a tall overstable putter with a deep rim and a tiny bead.   Trust this overstable putter for drives off the tee, headwind shots, forehand approach and hyzer putts.  Therefore, this putter is popular for advanced disc golfers.  On the other hand, novice disc golfer will find a dependable disc for headwind putts and upshots.  Challenge the course with your Discraft Challenger OS.

Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 2
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 3

Discraft Stability Rating: 1.7

The Discraft Challenger OS is available in Putter Line.

Discraft Putter Line plastic was a hybrid of the original Pro-D base plastic but upgraded for increased durability and grip. This 2021 update made the putters feel better for use in differing weather conditions and made it more of a mid-grade plastic blend.

The Jawbreaker plastic gives superior grip to ensure your putts release from your hand the way you want.  Stick to putting as the durability is lower and will not withstand high speed tree hits.  Additionally, these discs come in some cool candy colors and patterns.

Pro Review:

This putter has the classic Challenger feel with a bit more stability. This is a spin putters dream. Reliably overstable to not be affected by the wind easily. These putters have saved me strokes on the green. –Dan Schlitter, Team Discraft

The Discraft Challenger OS is one of the best throwing putters I have ever used. It goes straight with a stable finish everytime no matter how hard I throw it. A truly awesome disc. –Jared Pittman, Team Discraft



Weight6.4 oz
Dimensions22 × 22 × 2.5 cm

Blue, Burnt Orange, Green1, Green2, Green3, Orange, Pinkish, Red


Putter Line


170g – 172g, 173g – 174g



Persistent innovation, research, and development met with the highest quality standards and creative graphics has maintained Discraft as a strong leader across 2 major disc sports around the world since 1978. Discraft is a manufacturer of Disc Golf, Ultimate and Freestyle discs, which are produced to the highest quality.


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