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Discmania Razor Claw 3


Discmania Signature Series Overstable Putt & Approach

The Discmania Razor Claw 3 is an all around utility approach disc.  It has less glide and a more prominent low-speed fade.  The RC2 stability can fight the fiercest winds!

The Discmania Razor Claw 3 (Eagle McMahon Signature Series Meta Tactic) is more stable than the popular Tactic in Exo materials or the Razor Claw 3’s predecessor. The Tactic is a great choice for approaches and short drives from both backhand and sidearm in all conditions.

About the tactic. The Discmania Tactic fills a highly anticipated void in Discmania’s putter line up. They searched for a viable solution for a truly overstable throwing putter and have come up with exactly that. You can throw it with confidence and putt reliably into strong winds. Additionally, it’s great for all types of shots. Furthermore, the variety of plastics available allow you to experiment with which one suits you best. The Tactic is similar in depth to a P2. While not too deep to hold, it offers a bit more room to latch on to the rim comfortably. As a truly overstable putter, players will be pleased with the exceptional amount of glide this disc maintains.

Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 4
  • Glide: 2
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 4
The Discmania Razor Claw 3 is available in Meta Plastic.

The Meta plastic is a beautiful, pearly and extremely durable blend. Compared to Neo and Lux plastics, the Meta plastic is slightly more stable. The iridescent qualities of Meta plastic will make the disc change colors in any lighting condition when tilted at different angles, making it an even more unique experience.

By purchasing this Signature Series release, you directly support Eagle McMahon helping him on tour and making his Disc Golf dreams reality!

Weight6.4 oz
Dimensions21.2 × 21.2 × 2 cm

Blue, Green, Orange, Purple




170g, 171g, 172g, 173g, 174g, 175g, 176g



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