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Dino Tyrannosaurus Rex


Dino Tyrannosaurus Overstable Distance Driver

The Dino Tyrannosaurus Rex is the fastest flying Dino Disc.  This distance driver is made using the ABC Beeline mold. The Beeline mold was broken and it was thought the Tyrannosaurus Rex was extinct.  The the mold is fixed, and the T-Rex is back!

The Tyrannosaurus Rex was the king of the carnivorous dinosaurs.  Therefore, it is only fitting that the disc should be the fastest, most advanced disc in the Dino Discs line-up. This is a maximum distance driver with a wide rim. Even though it is very lightweight, it might be more difficult for very small children to get it up to speed.  As the thrower speed increases, this is the disc for them to crush with.

Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 14
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -3
  • Fade: 2

The Dino Tyrannosaurus Rex comes in Egg Shell and Volcanic plastic.

Egg Shell plastic is a surprisingly grippy, yet semi-firm plastic blend with some really fun decorative effects.  For example,  splatters, swirls, and sparkles.  It helps the Dino Disc models look bright and whimsical which is perfect for players who love lightweight, floating discs.

Volcanic plastic is also surprisingly grippy, yet semi-firm plastic blend with some really fun decorative effects.  For example, they look like colored candy pieces in the blend. But please don’t let you’re kids eat them! This plastic blend makes the disc even more fun and exciting for young players who need ultra lightweight discs.

Stamps and Colors may vary

Weight6.4 oz
Dimensions22 × 22 × 2 cm

Dino Egg 1, Dino Egg 2, Dino Egg 3, Dino Egg 4, Dino Egg 5, Magma, Pink, Purple, Sulfur, Yellow


Egg Shell, Volcanic


120g, 121g, 122g, 123g, 128g



The disc golf brand designed specifically for kids. Most disc golf companies design their discs specifically for pros and those aspiring to be professional disc golfers. But what about the children? Kids can have fun playing disc golf too. When you take your children bowling do you give them a 15 pound bowling ball? Dino discs are light weight, and easy to throw. Discs designed specifically for kids and kids alike who have a maximum throwing distance of less than 200 feet. Plus, the come is super fun colors and plastic types!  Invest in your children's disc game, go with Dino!


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