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Cloudpusher Custom Glow Shogun


This Cloudpusher custom dye is a stable putter from Discmania

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Are you ready to attack the chains with the Cloudpusher Custom Glow Shogun?   Imagine a deadly Samurai Shogun with such tremendous power that he was encased in a icy tomb for eternity in hopes he would never unleash his terrible power upon the world again.   The magic released from the chains of a disc golf basket with each successful putt slowly provide the energy the Shogun needs to escape his icy tomb until…….Boom!  The skeletal remains of the Samurai Shogun emerge from the ice with a fiery blast of immense power with one mission, to attack the chains for more POWER!  The Discmania Glow Shogun with this Cloudpusher custom dye is exactly the power you need to punish the chains!  Get it quick, before its gone!

Weight6.4 oz
Dimensions22 × 22 × 2.5 cm



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