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About Nomad Disc Golf

Not all who wander are lost….

-From The Lord of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

Our Philosophy

Throughout history, the title of nomad has carried with it a variety of stigmas and has been used to defined many different types of people.  At the heart of it, they were simply people who were not tied down to a permanent domicile.  They sought out the best places to raise and herd cattle, trade with communities and townships, and experience new social experiences.  They respected the land and the local population, and did not overuse the resources the land provided. 

We believe this fits the persona of many disc golfers.  While some disc golfers have a home course, many prefer to get out and explore their local counties, states, and even countries.  Nomad is named for these travelers who have an insatiable need to experience new courses with varying difficulties.  They have a need deep within to meet the fellow disc golfers on other course and to establish a social network that will always provide support and new exciting experiences.  They respect the course and cherish their connections.  Their life is in their disc bag, not much else matters. 

Our wish is that through Nomad Disc Golf, you are able to achieve the disc golf travel of your dreams and always have a home, no matter where the plastic and chains may take you.  Join our tribe as we grow and develop a thriving international community!

Throw with joy friends! 

Nomad Disc Golf
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